This workshop is closely connected to our project "The operational paradigm: its mathematical and philosophical frontiers", supported by the John Templeton Foundation. It focuses on, but is not restricted to,

  • operational systems (such as explicit mathematics, operational set theory, unfolding) and related set and type theories,
  • the borderline between predicative and impredicative mathematics from various perspectives.

Venue and Date

The workshop will take place at Schloss Münchenwiler, a conference center close to Bern, on April 18 - 20, 2016.


Schloss Münchenwiler can be easily reached from Bern, Freiburg/Fribourg and Neuenburg/Neuchâtel by train via Murten/Morat or Münchenwiler-Courgevaux; for details see the timetable of Swiss Federal Railways.

Bern has an airport, but the two main Swiss Airports are Zurich and Geneva.

For question conerning travelling to or leaving from Schloss Münchenwiler, please contact Ms B. Choffat.

Invited Participants and Speakers

  • Toshiyasu Arai (Chiba, Japan)
  • Wilfried Buchholz (Munich, Germany)
  • Andrea Cantini (Florence, Italy)
  • Kentaro Fujimoto (Bristol, UK)
  • Hajime Ishihara (Nomi, Japan), to be confirmed
  • Gerhard Jäger (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Joost Joosten (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Pierluigi Minari (Florence, Italy)
  • Takako Nemoto (Nomi, Japan)
  • Wolfram Pohlers (Münster, Germany)
  • Dieter Probst (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Michael Rathjen (Leeds, UK)
  • Kentaro Sato (Bern, Switzerland)
  • Anton Setzer (Swansea, UK)
  • Stainley Wainer (Leeds, UK)
  • Sean Walsh (Irvine, USA)

In addition, there will be sessions in which PhD students can give short presentations of their ongoing research works. The detailed program will be announced later.

General Participation

Everybody interested in the topics mentioned above is welcome. There is no registration fee but registration until the end of February is mandatory. To do so please contact:

  • Ms B. Choffat,, Institut für Informatik, Universität Bern.

There is a very limited number of rooms available at Schloss Münchenwiler. All others will be supported in finding accommodation in the nearby town Murten/Morat.

Interesting places close to Schloss Münchenwiler

There are several interesting places to visit near the venue. For instance,

  • Murten/Morat historic district: Morat was founded in the 12th century, recognized as a "Free Imperial City" and sieged by Charles the Bold in the Battle of Morat. The victory in this battle is one of the most celebrated in Swiss history. You can walk on the city walls and visit a small museum for local history.
  • Lake Morat: It is one of the three lakes in Swiss "Seeland". By boat journey from/to Morat port, you can visit all three lakes, Lake Morat, Lake Neuchâtel and Lake Bienne.